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Why Its Important to Grow an Email List

Nobody likes when an ad interrupts their content. Especially online ads, which seem to be everywhere. They can be irritating, intrusive, and misleading. Clearly, there’s a public bias against ads, and people try to avoid them by any means possible. In fact, Canada is the seventh largest market worldwide for ad spend, and 25 percent of Canadians utilize ad blockers across desktop and mobile devices.

Consequently, it’s getting harder for brands to reach their target audiences via traditional ad channels, so they are forced to invent new ways to connect with their potential and current customers. One way is by partnering with influencers.

According to Google Consumer Barometer, 28 percent of Canadian consumers claim that they learn about new products from other people (mostly influencers) or through online research. Moreover, 88 percent of global consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

 Why Influencer Marketing is an Important Strategy

  • Consumers try to avoid ad messages, especially online.

    • 74% of adblock users say they leave websites with adblock walls.

    • Specific interruptive ad formats and security concerns are the leading motivation in adblock usage.

    • The majority of users abandon websites that require them to disable their adblock software.

  • Canada is the 7th largest market in advertising spend.

    • Yet 25% of Canadians use adblock software on desktop and mobile devices.

  • Influencer marketing helps make advertising less intrusive and more trusted.